How to do clubhouse contracts in GTA Online

Helmets are highly recommended while doing these missions.

Image via Rockstar

Clubhouse contracts are a quick way to grind out some money and RP in Grand Theft Auto Online. We’ll show you how to start a club, and from there, how to begin working on the clubhouse contracts that can raise your rank in the game.

Buy a club

The first thing you’ll need to do is purchase a Clubhouse property; you’ll find these listings in the Maze Bank app on your in-game phone. Once you make your purchase, you can designate yourself as the president of your motorcycle club (MC) through the Interaction Menu. You’ll need to have an established MC president in your group before you can begin any clubhouse contracts.

Start contract work

After you buy your clubhouse, you’ll get calls from Malc, who will tell you about the different jobs available through your MC. These include clubhouse contracts, which can be accessed through the noticeboard inside your clubhouse. You’ll find three random contracts posted to the board, and some of them require multiple members to be registered with the MC.

The missions you can do are listed below:


You’ll transport a busted safe and the money inside to a specific location. The number of money bags you deliver will vary with the number of people in your MC.

Guns for Hire

You’ll take two vehicles full of people to a specific location on your map, where you’ll have to fend off groups of rival bikers.


This mission sees you lifting a prison bus and bringing a prisoner to a spot located on your map.


You’ll need at least two people for this mission. You have to deliver people, while riding your bike, to a specific drop-off location. You might be taking as many as eight people to their destinations.


Feel like blowing stuff up? You’re headed to a given location and must destroy a total of ten cases of ammo.


This mission will send your club to one of three train stops: the Mission Row Police Station, the O’Neil Ranch, or a spot in Los Santos. You need to pick up the client and bring them to a safehouse.

Weapon of Choice

You’ll pick off targets with a specific weapon, which you can find located somewhere near the target. If you use the wrong weapon, your rewards will be reduced.

Nine Tenths of the Law

You’ll steal several motorcycles in this mission and bring them to a drop-off site. The number of bikes you steal will increase with the number of people in your group.


You get to break up a weapons deal in this mission, followed by stealing and dropping off the weapons now in your possession.

By the Pound

This mission can play out two ways: you’ll either meet an Aztecas agent to take some product, or you’ll steal it from a boat owned by the Ballas. In the end, you’ll be taking the stuff to a remote location.

Fragile Goods

You’ll need to blow up a collection of vans before the timer runs out. The bigger the group, the more vans you’ll need to destroy.