How to do Collection Patrols in Destiny 2 – Finders Keepers Bounty

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Destiny 2

Image via Bungie

Lots of new bounties have been added to Destiny 2 for the Guardian Games. One of them, Finders Keepers, asks you to finish three collection patrols. Patrols can be done in the game playable areas like the EDZ, Titan, and Mars. When you are exploring these areas, look for patrol beacons that all have different symbols.

For collection patrols, you need to look for a triangle/pyramid symbol, as shown in the image below.

Collection Patrols Symbol

When you find the correct patrol beacon, interact with it to start the patrol. For collection patrols, you need to kill a specific type of enemy, then collect the item that they drop. The patrol type will say Salvage Mission, but this is the collection patrol that you need to complete for the bounty.

Sometimes it is a more general challenge, like killing Fallen, or it can be more specific and wants you to kill a certain class of that enemy type, like a Shank. All you need to do is explore the area to find the enemies and kill them, making sure to collect the items that will drop.

To see exactly what the patrol wants you to track down, hit the button to bring up your Ghost and you can get a full description of the patrol on the left side of the screen.

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If you can’t find enough enemies, wait for a group you already killed to respawn. You need to do this patrol three times for the Finders Keepers bounty, and you can do it in any playable area in the game.

When the bounty is complete, you can hand it in from the Quests tab in the Director.