How to do homework in The Sims 4

Hit the books.

Image via EA

Going to school is never easy, and what’s worse, after you come home from school, you still have assignments and various activities to finish before you can hang out and enjoy yourself. The same thing happens in the Sims 4. After a younger Sim who is attending classes at a young age returns home, they still need to sit down to complete homework assignments.

There are two types of homework. There’s homework done by younger Sims who are still in grade school and high school, and then work done at the university level through the University expansion pack. You can find the younger Sims’ homework inside of their inventory. Make sure to do it before the end of each day to make sure they succeed in school, and they have a great mood before leaving the house. Each time they age up, their homework changes in their inventory to reflect it. 

The more skills you have completed on your younger Sims, the quicker they can complete their homework. If you have all their skills up to level 3, they choose to “breeze through homework,” and if they have all their skills at level 7, they can choose to “dominate homework” to complete it at a quicker rate.

Some players have reported having issues of sometimes misplacing their Sims’ homework. If you need to obtain a new item, you can do so by purchasing it from the bookshelf by clicking the “purchase books” tab.

When you have a student attending University in Sims 4, they have homework they continuously need to be working on while they attend school. You need to have your Sim complete their homework before they attend a class again. You can have them complete their homework faster if their home has a study spot trait, or if your Sim has the research and debate skill leveled up. You can level up the research and debate skill by using a mirror, using a podium, or use the Archive at the university, which is free to use.

Make sure to double-check your Sim has their homework completed when they arrive home from school to give them time to handle the other needs they may have. You can potentially have them do homework in the morning before school, but it’s a risk.