How to do the Cache Grab, Cache Cow, and Caches Galore Triumphs – Destiny 2

Prepare to grind.

Destiny 2

Festival of the Lost 2020 has introduced a range of new Triumphs that you can try and complete. Three of them involve opening the caches that you can find at the end of your Haunted Forest runs.

Each Triumph requires a different number of caches to be opened in order to complete it, and you will need to get a Cipher Decoder to open each cache. The number of caches for each Triump is as follows:

  • Cache Grab – open 15 caches
  • Cache Cow – open 30 caches
  • Cache Galore – open 45 caches

Now for the bad news. At the moment, the drop rate for Cipher Decoders is punishingly low. You can only get them while wearing a Festival of the Lost Mask that you can get from Eva, and you will need to complete in-game activities like Crucible matches, Gambit, matches, Strikes, Heroic Daily Missions, patrols, and other such activities. Based on our testing, the drop rate is low across the board.

So, each block of 15 caches will require 3 runs in the Haunted Forest at roughly 15 minutes each, so that is not so bad. As long as you have 5 Cipher Decoders in your inventory when you go into the event, you can open five caches at the end. The big issue right now is actually getting those Cipher Decoders.

Bungie has stated on Reddit that they are investigating the current drop rate of the Cipher Decoders. Perhaps this is just us feeling jaded, but this means practically nothing because this is a replicated mistake that Bungie has made multiple times now. Added layers of grind and RNG does not result in a rewarding experience, and it would seem that the game is going through some form of an identity crisis as it wants to hold one portion of the game as free-to-play, with all the grind and RNG that entails, while also charging premium prices for expansions. Hopefully, Bungie does something about the Cipher Decoders soon.