How to do the hidden objective pillar puzzle in Godfall

The pillars rise up.


There are several hidden objectives for you to complete when you’re wandering around the various realms in Godfall. You can only see these objectives using your Spirit Vision, and when you find them, they’re only detailed by a large chest. When you reach the chest, you need to complete a task typically surrounding that chest. This hidden objective features various pillars that rise from the ground, surrounding the chest.

To complete this puzzle, you need to use a hammer or a great sword. With it, when the pillars rise, using your heavy strike to smash them back down. For some of the pillars, it takes two hits; others only take one. You need to completely lower all of the pillars before the inner orange circle reaches the outer one. When it does, the hidden objective starts over, and you have to begin again.

There’s not really a strategy with this puzzle other than attempting to line up the pillars as much as possible. You want to try to position yourself where you can hit multiple pillars down at once. If you can do that, you should finish the challenge in a timely fashion and reap the rewards of a few new items to add to your arsenal.