How to do the hidden objective purple crystal puzzle in Godfall

Activate the crystals.

Image via Counterplay Games

The hidden objectives in Godfall give you the chance to test your wit, or your mettle, in the open world. Sometimes it’ll be several waves of powerful enemies attempting to take you down, and other times, it’ll be a small puzzle you need to complete in a timely fashion. Like all hidden objectives, it’s easier to find their exact location by using your Spirit Vision. This one features four purple crystals surrounding the chest.

When you reach the chest, these four purple crystals don’t do much. They’re transparent, so no matter how many times you hit or smash them, nothing happens. If you lower your Spirit Vision, the purple crystals disappear. The only way to see and interact with these crystals is to use your Vision Spirit.

While you’re in the Vision Spirit, you have to interact with these crystals. If you want to open the chest, two of these crystals need to be turned on, and the other has to be off. For us, it worked to have the crystal in front of the chest turned on and the one to the left. The chest opened for us after that.

There might be a different order for some. Because we were only able to find and do it once, we were good to go, so it might differ between worlds if it appears elsewhere.