Godfall Shift Codes – active codes and how to redeem them

Free loot.

Image via Counterplay Games

As a Gearbox published game, Godfall will contain Shift Codes. This means from time to time you will be able to redeem the codes to get some free stuff. This could be anything, from loot, to resources, to cosmetics.

At the moment, there are not any Shift Codes for Godfall, but this article is where we will keep any that get released, along with information on how long they will be active for.

How to redeem Shift Codes

There are two methods you can use to redeem Shift Codes in Godfall. In the main menu, just click on Shift Codes and an input box will populate, you can then type the code in there. If you wish, you can use the Shift website via the Code Redemption feature.

Active Shift Codes

There are no active Shift Codes for Godfall at this time.

How to get Shift Codes

The main way to get Shift Codes is through social media, like Twitter. Following the official Gearbox and Godfall Twitter accounts would be a great way to stay up to date. If it works at all like Borderlands, then these accounts will tweet them out quite often.

It can also be a good idea to follow Randy Pitchford, as he will tend to tweet out codes from time to time.