How to do VIP Patrols in Destiny 2 – On The Beat Bounty

A little confusing.

Destiny 2

The On the Beat bounty is part of the Guardian Games in Destiny 2 and will ask you to finish a VIP Patrol in any of the game’s playable areas. It’s one of those slightly confusing bounties, so in this guide, we will clear up any question you have.

First things first, how to actually find the bounty. You will need to look for a patrol bounty beacon with the below symbol on it. It looks like a circle with a diamond in the middle, and a smaller diamond at the center of that.

When you find one of the bounties, and just a heads up that these ones can be pretty rare so you might need to search a bit, interact with it to begin. Now comes the confusion, the top left of the screen will tell you that you have just started an Assassination Patrol. That is fine, it happens sometimes in Destiny 2 that the same thing will be described in two different ways.

A waypoint will appear on the screen, and you need to follow it to the target. Assassination targets normally appear slightly off the beaten track, so follow the waypoint until you reach the target.

You will find a random yellow bar enemy, accompanied by some lesser threats. Take out the yellow bar and the bounty will be completed. You only need to finish one of the VIP Patrols to finish up this bounty, and you can normally find one in the Sludge on the EDZ.

The target enemy is not a boss, so it won’t be that hard to kill. Once you are done, you can hand in the On the Beat bounty from the Quests tab in your Director.