Warframe: How To Donate To The Leverian

Tracking down the Leverian Donation box is a challenge in Warframe, and this guide shows you how to donate to it and where to find the donation box.

image via Digital Extremes

One of the new challenges in Warframe’s Nightwave series is to donate to the Leverian. It’s a really easy challenge to complete but requires solid night vision. It’s easy to miss this particular spot where you can donate to this object and can become a rather annoying obstacle in your way.

The particular challenge and interacting with the object is not a huge problem, but tracking it down can be challenging, especially for anyone who is new to Warfame. Here’s what you need to know about how to donate to the Leveria in Warfame, and you can only do that by finding the donation box.

Where to Find Leveria in Warframe

Donation Box

To access the Leveria, go to your Codex on the Orbiter. Click on the icon, then select the Leverian tab at the top. A list of available Warfames will appear, and you can pick from any in your selection before deciding to go int other Leverian.

Now, you need to find the donation box. It will be located beside the very first display in the Leverian but will be pretty much shrouded in darkness and is quite small. Use your light to scan the wall and find the donation box. Sometimes it is placed awkwardly close to the first display, so you may need to come at it from the left to get the interaction command.

You can donate any value to finish the challenge, it doesn’t matter. For those who are curious, I have donated up to a million Credits at a time to the Leverian, but nothing seems to happen, no matter how much you give. For those who do not wish to put too many Credits into the program, I recommend giving it the smaller amount possible not to burn these valuable resources.

After you have donated any amount of Credits, the challenge will be complete, and you will receive your 1000 Nightwave Standing. For fans of Warframe lore, the Leverian has been a fantastic addition to Warframe, giving a deep slice of the tales, myths, and histories of each of the Warframes that currently have an entry.

If you have some time to spare, it is definitely worth exploring the narrated stories about each Warframe. This can be a time-consuming process, but for anyone who loves the game, it’s worth it as you build your Warframe collection.