How to down Survivors with your chainsaw as The Cannibal in Dead by Daylight

Slice that meat before you eat it.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Dead by Daylight’s Killers all have unique abilities that make them interesting and fun to play as Trial after Trial. However, some have attacks or powers that you just don’t get right away, like The Cannibal’s chainsaw. This guide explains how to down Survivors with your chainsaw as The Cannibal so those Survivors don’t stand a chance.

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Downing Survivors with The Cannibal’s chainsaw

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Cannibal’s chainsaw attack has three charges, but you don’t have to use all of them in one go. Before you start swinging with the chainsaw, you’ll need to hold down the ranged attack button to charge it up. After a few seconds, the chainsaw will begin revving, and The Cannibal will swing it around in front of him. You can extend the length of this attack by hammering the ranged attack button. To hit a Survivor and down them, try to activate the chainsaw when you’re close to one. This ensures you hit the Survivor because the chainsaw attack is difficult to avoid.

We found that charging the chainsaw as you approach a generator was the best tactic for securing hits and downing Survivors. This works because Survivors are cocky and believe it’ll take a few seconds to charge the attack — but if you charge it early, it arrives before they expect it. Then, even if they run, you can pursue them and keep pressing the ranged attack button to extend the chainsaw’s length and hopefully secure a hit.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Cannibal is a fast-moving Killer, so you have an advantage in that you can move around the map and surprise Survivors before they’re ready for you. Focus on dominating the generators, damaging them if you arrive after a Survivor has run away. Doing this will ensure that you encounter and can use the chainsaw on any Survivors working on those generators. Don’t put the Survivors on a hook if you’re trying to hit them for a Daily Ritual or Tome challenge. Instead, let their allies heal them, so you have more targets for the rest of the Trial.