Dark and Darker devs release enormous amount of infographics about the game’s beta tests

There’s a lot to unpack here.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dark and Darker, the hardcore fantasy FPS dungeon adventure, is fresh off of a recent beta test that ended on February 16. This is the fourth one that the game has had since September, and players have been providing feedback to improve the title for its inevitable release. The developers for Dark and Darker have recently taken to the official Discord channel to provide fans with a ton of infographics to showcase some interesting information collected during the many beta tests.

From what we can see, the game had quite a few testers over the course of February. Most of these players were from the United States. Out of all the available fantasy trope classes, the Fighter edged out the other competition for the most popular class, but just barely beating the Rogue. The Goblin Cave was the most played map over the course of testing.

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Within the Goblin Cave, the most lethal creature was by far the Goblin Warrior, responsible for almost 40% of player deaths. The Forgotten Castle has a little bit more of a streamlined kill count, with the Spider Mummy claiming victory. On all the maps, the most popular hit was via the head by a large margin, and the most popular customized skin was Surrender. Rounding out the data was Healing Potions being the most purchased item from vendors, and every item in the game having equal footing in the most vendored items.

All of the infographics can be analyzed for yourself by joining the Dark and Darker Discord channel. IRONMACE still hasn’t set an official release date for Dark and Darker, but the game is shaping up to be a fan favorite on Steam. Players can look forward to future playtests soon, and figure out the best class to play for when the game finally launches in the future.