When is the next Dark and Darker playtest?

When will you be able to try out this dungeon crawler?

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Dark and Darker is an upcoming dungeon crawler quickly growing in popularity. Despite not releasing until next year, developer IronMace Games has been holding playtests to allow players to try out the game and offer feedback to help in the game’s development. This naturally has players asking when the next Dark and Darker playtest will be and how they sign up to participate. In this guide, we’ll go over the details of when the next playtest will happen and let you know how you can sign up to participate.

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When is Playtest 5 for Dark and Darker?

The next playtest for Dark and Darker is alpha playtest 5, and will take place from April 14-19. With this new schedule, developer Ironmace is moving away from monthly playtests in order to add more ‘substantial additions’ to gameplay. Playtest 4, which took place during Steam Next Fest, saw almost 2 million players diving through the dungeons of Dark and Darker, and Ironmace is still working through the substantial gameplay data to figure out where tweaks should occur.

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If you want to participate in the current or future playtests, you can now do so by downloading the Demo of the title. Formerly, players had to request access to limited closed playtests, but Ironmace has managed to fling open the doors for any interested party to explore some dungeons as one of six unique classes. The title has continued to host extremely low queue times and frenetic gameplay with low latency, with a only a minor error while targeted by a DDoS late in playtest 4.

Dark and Darker is currently set to launch sometime in Q4 2023, meaning it will be quite some time before we can experience the full game. If you want to see what the game has to offer, check out the Dark and Darker Steam page for more information and to sign up for playtests.