How to Download Modern Warfare Beta


The Modern Warfare beta is set to release this week for the PlayStation 4. Later on, others on the Xbox One and the PC are going to have access to the beta. Each console, though, is going to have a different way of setting up the beta. It also matters of what version you pre-order. Those who reserved the physical copy are going to receive an email with the beta code, whereas those who have the digital version only have to visit their respective store. Here’s how you download the Modern Warfare beta for each system.

How to Download Modern Warfare Beta for Each Console

PlayStation 4

When you pre-order the PlayStation 4 Modern Warfare physical copy, the email you use to purchase the game is going to receive an email. You’re going to want to go to this email and locate it. You should see a 13 digit code. Write this code or have it copied somewhere. Fire up your PlayStation 4, and then go to the “Redeem Codes,” section of your dashboard, located in the PlayStation store. When you’re ready, type that code in, and you should have the opportunity toy start downloading it when the code gets accepted.

Xbox One

If you pre-order the Xbox One Modern Warfare physical copy, you’re going to receive a beta code to the email you tied to the account of where you purchased the copy. When you locate it in your email, write down the 13 digit code and have it ready when you need to use it. Proceed to the Microsoft Store, and go to the “Use a Code,” portion of the launcher. Type it in, and you’ll have access to the beta for when it’s ready to download. You won’t get access to it as quickly as those with a PlayStation 4.

PC and Digital Modern Warfare Versions

For PC owners and those who pre-order any of the digital console versions of Modern Warfare, you’re going to have a much easier time to get access to the game. You won’t need a beta code, as it’ll get tied to your respective account. You’re going to need to search for Modern Warfare in your storefront’s search engine, and look it up. For example, on the Blizzard launcher, visit the Modern Warfare tab and open it up. You should see the option to download the beta when it’s time. Unless you’re a PlayStation 4 player, you won’t have access to the beta until you’re going to Sept. 19, or Sept. 21, depending on if you early access, or not.

Beta Dates

Here are the dates for the Modern Warfare beta. Right now, PlayStation 4 owners are going to have access much earlier than everyone else.

PlayStation 4 Exclusive Beta:

  • Early Access: Sept. 12 to 13
  • Open Beta: Sept. 14 to 16

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Betas:

  • Sept. 19 to 20
  • Sept. 21 to 23

Modern Warfare officially releases on Oct. 25 for all of the previously mentioned platforms.