How to drift in Grand Theft Auto Online

Fast and Furious: Los Santos Drift

Screenshot by Gamepur

Drifting around corners is one of the most stylistic maneuvers you can pull off while racing. Sure, it can be a little difficult to pull off in some games, but when you do it properly, you will have yourself feeling like a badass. Grand Theft Auto Online has always been an entity to provide fun experiences for players, and with all the vehicles and races available, you would expect drifting to be a legitimate thing to do. If you are having trouble taking turns and just want to make yourself look cooler, here is how to drift in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Drifting in Grand Theft Auto Online is not that complicated. The game takes a more arcade-like approach to its driving mechanics, so it works out in an easy to pick up and fun to pull off manner.

First, when you are approaching your turn, let go of the acceleration. If you hold it down for too long, you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle while turning. Do not hit the brakes too early.

When you begin your turn, momentarily hold down the emergency brake, not the standard brake/reverse. This is Spacebar on PC, X on PlayStation, and A on Xbox. Finding out how long you need to hold it may take some practice. Hold it too long, and you will spin out, but too short, you will not turn nearly as much.

While you are in your turn, also be sure to turn your wheel in the opposite direction to stop yourself from overturning. This will most likely happen through your reflexes, as it is pretty normal to try and correct yourself. With this maneuver, you will take any turn with a little more speed than the typical slowdown and turn and be able to pick up momentum again quickly. Practice makes perfect, so if you need to perfect the move, enter a lobby and put on Passive Mode, so nobody bothers you and drift all around Los Santos.