How to drop a car on your opponent in WWE 2K Battlegrounds

There should be cars to use in the Motor City, right?

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Image via Steam

To say that WWE 2K Battlegrounds is different from its predecessors would be an understatement. WWE 2K Battlegrounds is a completely different title, at least compared to what the on-hiatus WWE 2K series looked like prior to 2020. Among the major differences between the two are the additions of cartoonish-like gameplay and crazy obstacles to WWE 2K Battlegrounds. One of those obstacles is a car that can fall right on the opposing wrestler, or yourself. However, there is a process that you’ll need to follow before you can use the car, and here’s what you will have to do.

First off, the car is only present in the Detroit battleground. Make sure that you are competing in this battleground, or otherwise this won’t work. When wrestling in Detroit, you will notice that there’s a car at the right-hand side of the battleground. There are two ways you can get the car, which is suspended in the air, to fall on the opposing wrestler.

The first way is to pick up and carry the opponent by pressing and holding A (for Xbox) or X (for PlayStation). Move yourself and the opponent to the right-hand side until you get to the ropes, and then chuck your opponent on top of the jack. Once you do that, the car will fall right on top of the opposing wrestler. This method is quite similar to how you can feed your opponent to a crocodile in the Everglades battleground.

There’s also another way you can have the car in Detroit fall on your opponent. The YouTuber SmackTalks found that using an Irish Whip can also initiate this special animation. When you and the opposing wrestler are outside of the ring, right near the car, press B/Square and then flick the left stick to the right. This will whip the opponent right into the jack, and have the car fall right on to their body.