How to drop weapon attachments in Back 4 Blood

You finally can!

Back 4 Blood

Image via Turtle Rock Studios

Back 4 Blood has included a lot of new features that its predecessor, Left 4 Dead, did not. For us, the expanded list of weapons in Back 4 Blood is one that stand stands out the most. As well as having more weapons, players can find and equip attachments onto their guns to mod their shooting. You can drop all other items in the game, so how can you drop attachments?

As of the first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, players can now finally freely drop attachments from their weapons, but it will cost you a little Copper. Before, the only way to remove any attachments, was if you found one of the same kind to swap out with it. Now, you can unbolt them.

To unbolt a weapon’s attachments, you must either be in the safe room, or have the Weaponsmith card active. Pull up your inventory and select Unbolt Attachments underneath the gun. With the Weaponsmith card, you and your team can do this anywhere for 400 Copper. Multiple players who have the card active will discount the price by 100 Copper each. If there is no Weaponsmith card active, you can only do this inside safe rooms for 500 Copper.

Screenshot by Gameppur

Once a weapon has been unbolted, you are free to pull up your inventory and select Modify on it at anytime, even outside the safe room. You can then cycle through the attachments and drop them if you don’t want them or want to give them to a teammate. However, you need to pay the Copper cost for every weapon that you want to modify, so you might want to reconsider if it’s a gun you don’t see yourself holding onto for long.