How to earn Cabal Gold and how to use it in Destiny 2

The new resource for Guardians.

Image via Bungie.

The Cabal are ready to start another war with the Guardians in Destiny 2, and the forces are raging across the solar system. Zavala has created a command center called the H.E.L.M to contain the operations and strategize with all of the Guardians willing to heed his call. Along the way, you’re going to be earning a new material called Cabal Gold, and it’s going to be a useful material for the Season of the Chosen.

How to earn Cabal Gold

It works similar to the Cryptolith Lure, where you need first to obtain the Hammer of Proving. Once you earn the Hammer of Proving, you’ll have to take it with you to complete various playlist activities. This means you’ll need to complete Crucible, Strikes, Gambit, dungeons, Nightmare hunts, or doing the Blind Well.

You’ll earn Cabal Gold once you complete the activity. The more you do the activity, the more you earn gold. We recommend going through Strikes as those have proven to be the most effective methods to quickly earn the gold.

How to use Cabal Gold

When you earn enough gold, you can use it on your Cabal and then use it to issue challenges against Caiatl’s chosen warriors who appear in the Battleground activities. This how you obtain Etched Challenged Medallions. You need to have enough gold in the Hammer of Proving to earn the medallion. When you have a medallion, attack a Battleground, take out the commander, and earn a charge for your hammer.