How to earn coins in

The LOL Pass may be the quickest and cheapest route to valuable skins.

Image via JustPlay.LOL

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Players in the mobile and PC shooter can own a steep collection of absurd cosmetics. Just by heading to its shop, one can spot zany, Legendary skins to own, such as ninjas, robots, and hot dogs. These don’t lend any in-game abilities, but each is miles better than the blue default skin given. That being said, most cosmetics will need to be bought with coins, and the currency can only be given through two ways.

The first method of obtaining coins is, of course, to purchase coins with real money in the Shop tab — located on the left hand side of the main menu. The Legendary skins are always bound to cost a bit, but those who put in a good amount of time into the game may be better off buying the LOL Pass. This battle pass allows players to progress through its levels in return for hundreds of coins, as well as skins, emotes, and stickers. Each LOL pass is only available for a limited-time after the start of every season, so be ready to play a handful of matches once you’ve purchased it.

Those simply looking to upgrade from the default appearance can actually nab a skin for free. Exclusive to the mobile version, the Shop tab offers players one random skin at no cost, but they will need to watch a set of ads beforehand. A free sticker will also be added to players’ lockers once they have won at least one online match.

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