How to earn Gold fast in MultiVersus

If only it was that easy in real life.

Image via Warner Bros.

MultiVersus is a game that anyone can enjoy. Pitting Warner Bros.’ most popular characters together in a free-to-play Super Smash Bros.-like game is something that anyone can get behind regardless of their age. However, you will need to gather Gold to get some of those additional characters without buying them with real money. Here are the quickest ways to get Gold in MultiVersus.

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How to get Gold quickly in MultiVersus

Complete Missions

The quickest way to get large sums of Gold in MultiVersus is to complete Missions. These tasks can be seen on the main menu, and after you finish any kind of match in the game, letting you know what areas of the game you should focus on to get some of the currency. These tasks can be as simple as playing several matches or equipping a new profile icon, so always be sure to see what task is available to you. The rewards can be anywhere between 100 and 800 Gold from what we have seen in our early testing of the game during the open beta.

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Level Up Profile, Characters, and Battle Pass

After completing Missions, you can get Gold quickly by leveling up your profile, characters, and battle pass. These will not give you Gold rewards every time you level them up, but by just simply playing the game, you can mount up some secondary Gold to go with your Mission rewards.

These are the best ways to get Gold in MultiVersus quickly. You will also earn a small bonus for the more matches and victories you complete in a session, but the amounts here are so low it is nothing to write home about. Play the game like you normally would, and you will accrue plenty of Gold after time. Just check in every now and then, and you should be able to purchase a character for free.