How to earn more Coins in Hot Wheels Unleashed

Keep earning once all the events are complete.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Hot Wheels Unleashed is an interesting game because you can’t spend real world money on its in-game currency, Coins. This is used to purchase Blind Boxes, making the game slightly safer for young audiences since there’s very little you can spend additional cash on. Initially, you earn Coins from the game’s campaign, but that soon dries up. This guide explains how to earn more Coins and keep the cash flowing so you can always afford another Blind Box or car from the shop.

How to earn more Coins

Once you’ve completed the campaign, there are only two methods of earning more Coins. The first is to go back through all of the events you’ve finished and complete the Unleashed Goal. The Unleashed Goal is the more challenging completion target for each race and time trial. In races, this will task you with finishing in first place, while on time trials, you’ll need to set a slightly quicker lap time.

The second method that will earn you more Coins is multiplayer. This is an endless source of Coins, especially if you’ve got a fast car and the skills to beat other players online. Even if you finish in sixth or eighth place, you’ll earn a few Coins for your time. Big money comes from finishing in first or second place, which you should always aim for. So bring your fastest car, learn the track, and prepare to drive dirty if you want to make the most of this Coin resource.