How to earn more Talent Points in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Make the most of your time with friends.


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Talent Points are a vital part of Blue Reflection: Second Light. They determine what skills you can purchase for each character, allowing them to be stronger in battle and able to reach their full potential. However, if you don’t earn enough, you might find yourself grossly underpowered in the field, no matter your characters’ level. This guide will explain how you can earn more Talent Points fast and build up a much stronger team.

Complete every available date

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Dates are one of the best ways to earn Talent Points. Each time you go on one, you’ll pick up Talent Points for the character Ao goes on a date with. Sometimes, you can get a glut of Talent Points if there’s a dialogue option within the date. Keep track of how many dates are on offer on the map of the school and visit each room where there is one. If you go out into the field with a date you haven’t completed, you’re wasting your time.

Fulfill all Requests

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Requests are another key way to earn Talent Points. Most of the time, these require you to collect specific items from the worlds you visit. However, others ask you to build things around the school or visit rooms and collect something. Where possible, complete every Request you can. The more you complete, the more Talent Points you’ll have to earn skills with.

Follow the story

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There are points throughout the main story when you earn Talent Points. If you’ve completed every date and Request, you need to follow the story and progress to the point that you earn more Talent Points or when more dates and Requests become available. Keep working through this gameplay loop, and you’ll earn more Talent Points that you know what to do with.