Where to find Warm Sand in Blue Reflection: Second Light

Don’t let it slip through your fingers.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Warm Sand is a crafting resource in Blue Reflection: Second Light. It’s one of the many items you’ll need throughout the game to craft items you need and conquer your enemies. It’s also something that characters may ask you for from time to time for one reason or another. In this guide, we’ll explain where you can find Warm Sand, so you don’t waste too much time searching for it all over the world.

Time to check the garbage

Warm Sand can occasionally appear in the blue floating glowing orbs in the areas around the school. However, it’s a rare drop from them. The best place to find it is by searching garbage cans. You’ll always find building materials in garbage cans, and Warm Sand is one of those materials that will pop up more regularly from them. While it’s never a guarantee, you definitely improve your chances by searching garbage cans.

Screenshot by gamepur

You’ll find garbage cans scattered around each area. However, we’d recommend picking everything up because you never know when you’ll need it. For example, we had three Warm Sand when Yuki made a Request for some, meaning we could instantly complete the Request and earn some Talent Points. It always pays off to be thorough when exploring, even if it does take slightly longer to get to the next battle.