How do dates work in Blue Reflection: Second Light?

Best friends forever.


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Soon after you get to grips with the basics in Blue Reflection: Second Light, you’ll start to be able to go on dates with the other characters around the school. These dates aren’t particularly romantic, but they do serve a couple of important purposes within the game. This guide will explain how dates work and why you should go on every one you possibly can.

Become the best of friends

Screenshot by Gamepur

Once dates are unlocked, you’ll be able to see if a character is available for one because they’ll have the date icon above their heads. You can also track any character available for a date through the school map since the date icon will appear on the specific floor and room where you can initiate a date.

While you’re on a date, you will only be able to walk around the school with one character. The date usually has a specific goal, such as heading to the library or visiting other rooms or locations around the school. A cutscene will play out when you reach them, and you may even have a dialogue choice to pick. However, this isn’t the only way dates can give you some extra story. While walking around with a character, they might start a conversation with you in another room or hallway. If you have time, try exploring more rooms to make the most of every date.

Your rewards from dates are twofold. First, you help the character you’re on a date with earn more Talent Points, similar to when you complete a Request, to upgrade their skills. Second, there’s a chance that you’ll earn a Fragment if the date goes well. Fragments enhance characters with passive boosts to their skills and stats and can be the difference between winning or losing a battle.