How to earn SP coins in Rocket League Sideswipe

Work your way up to a fully customized vehicle.

Image via Psyonix

With plenty of car parts and cosmetics available in Rocket League Sideswipe, players will need SP coins by the hundreds if they desire to put these items on a new ride. Fortunately, this in-game currency does not take real money to obtain it but will take some hard work. From surpassing levels to completing assortments of challenges, there are numerous routes one can take to amass a large amount of SP coins fast.

The easiest route to obtain SP coins is through the Rocket Pass, free for all users and does lend SP coins occasionally. It comes with over 50 levels that players can progress into just by collecting XP from scoring goals and playing games. Although levels that gift SP coins are few, it only takes a couple of well-performed games to surpass a single level.

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However, the game’s Challenges tab debatably offers the most SP coins out of any other method. There are typically four challenges offered per week, along with other challenges arriving throughout each season. Challenges mainly ask that you win a certain number of matches in a given mode, usually resulting in a reward of 250 SP. In addition, a gift will be given to those who complete all weekly challenges. These gifts come in the form of cosmetics, which can then be salvaged for around 50 to 200 SP each — depending on the rarity of the cosmetic.

Speaking of salvaging, players will need to check the Shop tab consistently to see if a mystery item is being offered for free. If so, open the gift as it may grant a new car part or more SP coins. Free drops appear in the shop every few hours, but players can fork over 100 SP to avoid the waiting process. As some mystery items can be very rare and salvaged for hundreds of SP, the gamble may very well be worth it.

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