How to eat a bird in DogLife – 2-pc Wing Dinner Achievement

Chicken dinner.

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There are several animals you can encounter in DogLife. You can choose to be a dog or a cat. Regardless of these two options, there’s a chance you’ll encounter a smaller animal that you have the option to eat. One of these choices is a bird. Both cats and dogs can eat a bird in DogLife, but it all comes down to being old enough and having the option available to you. Here’s what you need to do to eat a bird in DogLife.

The animal you’re playing as should be old enough and high enough in the hierarchy. For example, our dog, Lefty, is a stray that lives out in the street and who lives outside with several other animals on their street. One of these animals was a cockatiel, Tiffany. Lefty reached two years old and became the Alpha of their street. By doing so, they then had the option when interacting with Tiffany to eat them.

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You’ll also need to have a bird in your hierarchy if you want to eat a bird. You can do this outside as a stray or indoors with a homeowner. If you’re outside, a bird will need to be living somewhere on the street, and there’s a random chance of one appearing if you wait long enough. For those living inside with an owner, you’ll need to wait until they purchase a pet bird. We recommend being a stray whenever trying to eat a bird because your owner won’t appreciate you eating their pet bird.

There’s a chance the bird could get away if you attempt to eat it, so don’t expect always to devour the bird when you see one in your hierarchy.