How to edit your avatar in Roblox

Fashion time.

Image via Pressure Studios

Roblox may not be a video game that you can actually win, but its collection of games and other content made by its community has made it a juggernaut in the gaming industry. While you come across many other players in each game, you may want to stand out from the crowd. Here is how to customize your avatar in Roblox.

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How to customize your avatar in Roblox

To change up the look of your avatar in Roblox, go to the Avatar Editor page. On the left, you will see your avatar as they currently look. Under that is a slider that will decide how tall or stocky they are. To the right will be all of your current cosmetic items. Just click on each item to put it on, and your avatar to the left will show what they look like with that item attached. You can also use the dropdown menus to filter out each area. Everything saves automatically, so be sure to take anything off that you do not want.

Using the Body dropdown menu, you can change your character’s skin tone, hair, face, and other physical attributes. Animations will hold various emotes and animations for movements like walking, running, and climbing.

Image via Roblox

If you are not happy with your list of animations, body parts, and clothing, you can enter the Roblox Avatar Shop and buy new ones with any Robux you have. There are some free items here you can nab, so not everything will cost you real money. The prices in the store here can vary greatly, so be sure you keep that in mind as you browse for new items. None of these items give you an advantage in any games, so don’t get suckered into spending a lot of money on simple cosmetic changes.