How to eliminate each target while they are in the air parachuting in Dubai in Hitman 3 – Mile High Drop assassination challenge

Good jumping form. Just need to work on the landing.

When a Hitman level occurs at as high an altitude as the Dubai level does, you would hope that IO Interactive included plenty of ways to send targets plummeting to their doom like a Disney villain. Luckily, they have done so with many outlets and ledges to send your victims down the skyscraper. There is even an assassination challenge that tasks you with killing both targets on the map while they are skydiving. Here is how to complete the Mile High Drop assassination challenge in Dubai in Hitman 3.

First, you need to get your hands on at least one of the map’s evacuation keycards. One can be found in the second level eastern security room’s wall safe. Input the code 6-9-2-7 to open it.

The second keycard is on the third level, again in a security room safe. The code for this safe is also 6-9-2-7. It doesn’t matter which card you grab; you just need one of them. You will be awarded the For Emergencies Only challenge if this is the first time you have picked it up.

Now, make your way to the fourth level. This area is the Penthouse, and if you do not have a Penthouse security outfit by this point, we recommend finding one. Make your way to the Dining Room and grab the kitchen knife on the counter.

Walk over to the location in the images below, and you will notice two parachutes next to a keycard slot. Open the parachute boxes and sabotage them with the kitchen knife. If two guards are talking in front of the boxes, wait for them to finish and walk away since this is a suspicious act.

After sabotaging the parachutes, we only need to begin an evacuation. Swipe the keycard next to the parachutes and take the stairs between where you are now and the Dining Room. There will be a second keycard slot for you to swipe that will begin the two targets’ evacuation.

Technically, you can do whatever you want now since you have sabotaged the parachutes. The targets will meet up together surrounded by guards at the helicopter landing. Beware if you follow them to watch this, the guards will begin shooting at you no matter what disguise you are wearing, so it is best to keep your distance.

The two targets will talk to the helicopter pilot, who says he cannot evacuate them because the drill was scheduled for tomorrow. Odd that this is what keeps him from taking them to safety, but it works in our favor.

Ingram and Stuyvesant then grab the parachutes we sabotaged earlier and run to a spot where they can jump off the skyscraper. Both jump off and fall to their death, awarding you the Mile High Drop assassination challenge, 4,000 Dubai mastery level experience, and progress towards the Treacherous Architecture achievement.

If you want to, you can run to where they jumped off the map to make your escape with a functional parachute.