How to emote in Outriders

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Image via Square Enix

When it comes to online coop games, communication can be key. Taking the time to type something in chat can get you killed, while talking on the mic is often a risky prospect for other reasons. This is where emotes come in, giving players a way to convey information or mood that can be done quickly and easily.

Outriders has a robust, radial based emote system than will allow players to communicate with each other at the touch of a button. Holding left on the D-Pad on controller, or pressing V on PC, will open up the emote radial. Players can then select the emote they want to use, click on it, and the job is done.

How to get more Emotes

The game will give you a set of default emotes at the start of the campaign, but there is a way to unlock more. Completing Accolades, effectively challenges, can reward players with more emotes. Accolades can be checked in the main menu in the Accolades tab.

The challenges fall into various groups, such as class-specific challenges, progression, or combat. Upon completion, the challenges will give access to new emotes that can be placed into the radial menu. To set up the radial menu with the emotes you want, just go to the Customization Menu by opening the main menu and hitting right on the D-Pad.

Now, you can let players know when you are going to make a dangerous push, congratulate them on a job well done, or let them know when you have found a resource like Titanium.