How to turn First-Person Mode on and off in World War Z: Aftermath

A change of perspective is disgusting in this game.


Screenshot by Gamepur

One of the significant additions World War Z: Aftermath brings to the table is First-Person Mode. This new perspective changes how the game is played, making it a much more personal experience and bringing the horror of the swarms of undead that you fight much closer than ever before. However, it’s never explained how you turn this new camera on, which is why we put together this guide.

How to turn First-Person Mode on and off

Screenshot by Gamepur

Turning First-Person Mode on and off is straightforward once you’ve dug around in the game’s menu. Press the Start button to open the menu, then select Game Options. This opens a new menu with several segments to work through. However, you only need to worry about the first one labeled “Game.” The toggle for First-Person Mode is the first item in this segment.

First-Person Mode is enabled as soon as you turn it on in the menu. There’s no need to close the game and reopen it. You can turn the mode on and off as much as you please and switch between the two as much as you want. However, the game doesn’t pause while you open this menu, so try not to mess around with it while you should be dealing with a swarm of the undead.