How to escape from the vet in DogLife – Iatrophobia Achievement

I vet you can’t catch me.

Screenshot by Gamepur

A lot like how some people get nervous at the doctor, going to the veterinarian can be terrifying for animals. In DogLife, there are various situations that can lead to you taking a trip to the vet, including getting fixed, being sick, or just a general check-up. If you want, you can take this chance to try and get away from the vet and start a new life on the street as a stray. Here is how to escape the vet and get the Iatrophobia achievement in DogLife.

Obviously, before you can make a daring escape, you need to go to the vet. There are various ways to go through different home situations, but living in the household is the best way to guarantee a visit. If you are in a household, your owner will likely take you for a check-up randomly as you age up, or you can make them take you by interacting with them and choosing Act Sick. Note that you likely won’t have this option if you have a poor relationship with them. Choose it and select an option to make them think you are sick. We found the vomiting choice usually works.

When you arrive at the vet, you will have options to cooperate, act, escape, or attack. For this achievement, choose to escape. Now you will see a screen like the one below.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Unlike escaping a pet store or an animal shelter, this minigame plays similar to Pac-Man. As soon as you swipe, the vets will begin moving around the aisles to try and catch you. You will need to navigate yourself around and reach the exit without them touching you. Be careful; they are slightly faster than you, so take your chances to sprint for the door when you have the opportunity.

As soon as you reach the exit, you will be free and earn the achievement. The pet you are playing with will also start a new life as a stray on the street.