How to escape the Animal Catcher in DogLife – Sly Cooper Achievement

Run as fast as you can.

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you live on the street in DogLife, there’s the chance you could find your way to a good home. All it takes is a random, positive human interaction for them to take you off the street and back to their place, taking care of you. However, if you remain on the street for too long, there’s a chance you might encounter the Animal Catcher. If the Animal Catcher gets you, you’ll be dragged back to the pound. Here’s what you need to know about escaping the Animal Catcher in DogLife.

There’s a random chance the Animal Catcher could appear in your neighborhood. However, if they do show up, you’ll have to complete a mini-game where your animal attempts to escape the Animal Catcher.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The mini-game involves your animal jumping over the obstacles on the street. If you want to jump over each obstacle, you’ll need to tap and hold on to the screen. The Animal Catcher will be behind you the entire time, and if your animal hits any of the obstacles, they’re caught and taken to the pound. The trick is to tap the screen with enough air beneath your animal to clear each obstacle, so timing your taps is extremely important. You’ll likely be caught several times by the Animal Catcher before you can complete this mini-game.