How to Evolve Milcery into Alcremie In Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield mark the first appearance of Milcery, and Alcremie, in the Pokemon series. What makes Milcery unique is the fact that it has an evolution that can have eight different forms. To get these forms, you need to do a unique sequence for each one. Luckily, we have them all listed below.

How to Evolve Milcery into Alcremie In Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to evolve Milcery into Alcremie in Pokémon Sword and Shield

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The first thing you will need is a special sweet. To get the sweet, go to one of the Battle Cafes in the Galar Region and battle the manager. When you beat him, you will get a sweet reward. To evolve Milcery, you will need one of the below:

  • Berry Sweet
  • Clover Sweet
  • Flower Sweet
  • Love Sweet
  • Ribbon Sweet
  • Star Sweet
  • Strawberry Sweet

It is not as simple as just having one of these sweets, however. You also have to spin your character in specific directions, and for certain lengths of time. The time of day is also essential. The sweet item that Milcery is holding will dictate the Alcremie’s head decoration, while the spin will dictate the color.

The full list of forms and the direction you need to spin to get them is as follows:

  • Vanilla Cream – Spin clockwise during the day
  • Matcha Cream – Spin clockwise at night
  • Mint Cream – Spin counterclockwise for over five seconds at night
  • Lemon Cream – spin clockwise for over five seconds at night
  • Salted Cream – Spin counterclockwise at night
  • Ruby Swirl – Spin counterclockwise for more than five seconds during the day
  • Caramel Swirl – Spin counterclockwise for more than five seconds at night

There is another form, Rainbow Creme, but this is random, with no specific way to get the evolution. You will know you have successfully performed the sequence when your character uses Leon’s signature Champion Pose; then, the evolution will trigger.

Remember, the sweet that Milcery holds will only dictate the head decoration. The importance of the movement sequence and time of day is that it dictates the form.