How to evolve Tinkatink into Tinkatuff and Tinkaton in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

Here’s how to get the hammer-wielding Tinkaton.

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One of the standout Pokémon of Generation 9 is the sassy Tinkatink line, featuring the somewhat insane Tinkaton who wields a mighty hammer and wants nothing more than to kill Corviknight in the sky. This somewhat triggering Pokémon for Corviknight fans has won the hearts of many players, with its cute appearance and over-the-top weapon, and an insane Fairy + Steel-typing. For fans of this not-so-sweet sweetheart, here’s how to evolve Tinkatink into Tinkatuff and Tinkaton.

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How to evolve Tinkatink into Tinkatuff

Screenshot by Gamepur

Tinkatink is a pure Fairy-type Pokémon found in South Province Area Two, South Province Area Four, West Province Area Three, East Province Area One, and South Province Area Three. With a limited number of spots to find this Pokémon, it also should be noted that Tinkatink is a rare Pokémon and you might have to take some time in looking for her.

To evolve Tinkatink into Tinkatuff, the second stage of Tinkatuff’s evolution line, you will have to evolve Tinkatink to level 24. There aren’t any other special requirements to level up this hammer perfectionist. Use candies or grind out battles for this Pokémon, and she should level up in no time.

How to evolve Tinkatuff into Tinkaton

Once you get Tinkatuff, it’s time to do some more leveling to get the coveted Tinkaton Pokémon. Tinkatuff will evolve into Tinkaton after she reaches Level 38, a relatively low level that you can easily reach by catching Pokémon, grinding out battles, or feeding Tinkatuff some candies.

When you evolve Tinkatuff into Tinkaton, she will learn her signature move: Gigaton Hammer, an extremely powerful 160 BP move that cannot be used twice in a row. It’s a great move that makes obtaining this Pokémon all the more desirable, so be sure to use a Tinkaton if you need a strong Fairy or Steel-type Pokémon.