How to evolve your Coromon in Coromon

Just level up.

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Coromon is a Pokémon-style RPG game developed TRAGsoft. It constitutes many elements of a traditional Pokémon game, including catching Cormon and evolving them. Since many players are unaware of the evolution process in Coromon, here is how to do so.

How to evolve your Coromon

The evolution process in Cormon is very similar to any traditional Pokémon game, where you have to keep leveling up a Coromon until you reach the required level. Upon reaching the evolution level, your Coromon gains increment in stats, and its physical form changes. The level of Coromon, on the other hand, is unaffected by evolution and does not alter. Some Coromon go through two phases of evolution, while others go through three. Although not necessary, it’s generally recommended to evolve Coromon since they become more potent upon evolution.

Swurmy and Patterbit are currently the only two Coromon in the game that do not evolve through the traditional leveling up method. Instead, special conditions need to be met for them to evolve. For Swurmy, you need to increase its Attack stat by 6 stages in a battle. Patterbit evolves when you install the Pitterbyte kernel. Titans, which are essentially the legendaries of Coromon, are not known to evolve.