How to farm Cait to get EXP in Octopath Traveler II

A fat cat who eludes taxes and players.

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Octopath Traveler II is a vast and immersive JRPG that offers players a comprehensive catalog of all the monsters and creatures that each of the eight characters will face on their journey. Most enemies drop some loot and a fixed amount of EXP points upon defeat, but there is one exception to this rule: the elusive Cait. This rare and powerful cat monster grants massive experience when defeated. However, the Cait is not easy to find and even harder to defeat, making it a daunting task for many players.

Where to farm Caits in Octopath Traveler

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Caits are elusive felines with lightning-fast reflexes and a penchant for fleeing. Though they don’t have a fixed spawn location, you can increase your chances or run into them with some of the game’s skills and accessories. You’ll become a Cait-finding machine by equipping the More Rare Monsters skill for hunters and donning the Cait Powder accessory, which you’ll get for a bit of gold. Once you’ve cornered a Cait, don’t forget to equip the Exp Augmentor and Extra Experience skills to make the most of your farming efforts. With these two items equipped, you can multiply the experience you get from each Cait your kill — do not capture or collect!

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How to prevent Caits from escaping

Just because you’ve found one doesn’t mean it’ll stay put. Caits will escape the battle if you don’t take them down quickly. You must break its two shields and use weapon-based attacks, such as a sword, dagger, axe, or staff to defeat Cait. Due to Cait’s high evasion rate, you might be better off using special abilities that attack multiple times or magic attacks with a boost. Physical attackers can also use Soulstones to defeat Cait before it escapes, but they must attack first. A foolproof way of always having the upper hand in battle — instead of being ambushed — is to equip the Heighten Senses hunter sill or the Skill Fleefoot thief skill.