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The best way to grind money in Octopath Traveler 2

Time to earn some big bucks in the world of Solistia.

There is a saying that money makes any world go round, and the world of Octopath Traveler 2 is no exception. Players worldwide are rushing to level up and obtain resources in their first saves, but Leaves, the game’s currency, are tricky to acquire when you are just starting out in the game. Managing your early game resources is key in order to buy all the items you need, but fret not, you will be able to grind out enough Leaves if you know where to look. Here is how you can farm money easily in Octopath Traveler 2.

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How to grind money in Octopath Traveler 2

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A general rule of thumb is to ensure that you are opening every chest you see, as some of them may contain Gold Dust, which sells for a high price in shops.

If you fancy the old-fashioned way of defeating rare enemies for extra loot, seeking out Caits is the way to go, though it is spawn and luck reliant. These enemies in particular drop a large amount of Leaves, making them a great way to earn money. However, as they do not have fixed spawns, players will have to increase their spawn rates by using the Cait Powder item, and defeat them before they have a chance to escape.

The best and easiest way to earn money is to hire a Merchant via Partitio’s “Hire” Path Action. Specifically, one that increases the amount of Leaves you earn when selling items. It is low-effort and a good investment for the future. It is wise to check out every available NPC with the “Hire” option whenever you enter a new city, as Merchants can be hidden in plain sight. With that being said, selling items will earn you a tidy sum of Leaves, as many items in the game have been included just to be sold. You will be able to check the amount of money you can sell the item for via the “fetches an X price” text on the item’s description. If you are unable to hire a Merchant and are in dire need of Leaves, sell a small amount of items first and save the remaining items for when you have hired a Merchant, as the difference a single Merchant makes to your income, especially when you are selling in bulk, is immense.

Speaking of Merchants, they can learn the “Grows on Trees” support skill, earning them more money after a battle, though they will have to acquire 4 job skills first. Partitio is the first Merchant available in the game, and his Collect job skill will be invaluable in your playthrough as it allows you to get leaves out of enemies, with its success rate increasing when the enemy is at low HP.

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