How To Farm Coal in Palworld

Coal is an extremely helpful resource that you can track down in Palworld, and this guide shows you the best way to farm it.

How to farm coal in Palworld

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Coal is an extremely helpful resource that you need to track down in Palworld. It’s a resource you’ll need for most of your higher-quality items and weapons that you’ll be making alongside your Pals.

The way you get coal is a little confusing, especially on how you have to track it down. There are a few requirements you have to meet, and that means you’ll be spending a lot of time grinding through Palworld, working on your base, and expanding the number of at-the-ready resources you have to use. It also helps to have a helpful Pal who has access to Kindling because of what you need to use it for. Here’s what you need to know about the best way to farm coal in Palworld.

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The Best Way to Farm Coal in Palworld

Where to find Coal in Palworld
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You can find coal in Palworld while exploring the desert regions of your world. The chance of finding it may vary for players, but many of the resources in Palworld appear in the same location because of the way the world generation works.

There is a specific location I’ve been able to find it by exploring the middle of the map, to the northwest of where you begin your adventure in Palworld. You shouldn’t have to worry about reaching this area during the early portion of the game. However, if you want to stock up on coal faster than usual, this is the best location that I’ve found where coal regularly drops, making it my go-to location whenever I want to seek out this resource. It’s called the Twilight Dunes. Thankfully, because your Pals don’t evolve in Palworld, you can bring anyone, but some types are better than others.

There are numerous Ground type Pals that you can find while exploring this region of Palworld. I would make sure you have a Water and Grass type to bring with you to protect yourself. When you’re focusing on gathering up enough coal when visiting this area, try to find one that has Mining Foreman as a passive skill, which improves your character’s mining whenever you do this activity. You will want to have them out with you while gathering up coal at this location.

Unfortunately, unlike stone and wood, coal does not have an area you can set up in your base. This means you have to rely on finding them in the Twilight Dunes and making regular trips to this location. Thankfully, there is always the option for you to make a base out in this area, and I would highly recommend it. While it does not have too many natural resources for your Pals to grab, if you can place down the stone, wood, and other farms in this area, the terrain is relatively flat, making it an ideal Palworld base for you to create.