How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld: Increasing Pal Box Number Explained

If you set up your Palbox Box in a less than ideal location, you may be wondering just how many bases you can have in Palworld

How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld Map

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When you’re just starting out in Palworld, you need to build a base before you can do much else. That means many players like to place their Palbox in a less-than-ideal location and be left wondering if they can build another base.

In Palworld, home is where the Palbox is. If you’re like me, you built it somewhere near where you started because it’s an early tutorial item. That location may or may not have been the best place to build a base. If you’re wondering whether you can move your base or start a second one, we’ve got you covered.

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How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld?

Palworld Pal Box Base Camp
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Initially, players can only have one active base in Palworld. This base is located wherever you built your Palbox, indicated by a glowing blue perimeter line.

However, you can eventually unlock the ability to have more than one active base by increasing your Pal Box level in the game.

Once you reach Palbox Level 10, you will be able to build a second base, bringing your max number of bass in Palworld up to two. This is handy because you can double your production of materials and set up a second location far across the map to make it easier to keep exploring.

At Palbox Level 15, you’ll unlock the ability to build a third base, bringing the total number of Palworld Bases you can have up to three. Level 15 is the maximum level for each Palbox base, so as of now, the total number of bases per player caps at three.

How Many Pals Can You Have at Once in Palworld?

Pals at Work on Base Palworld
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Once you’ve got your bases set up, it’s time to put your Pals to work. Pals working at bases in Palworld can craft useful items, collect materials, and gain experience to level up your team. But how many Pals can you have at work in total?

Once you hit Palbox Level 15, a total of 15 Pals can work at each base. So, if you unlock and set up all three bases in the game, you can have a total of 45 Pals assigned to work at your bases at once.

If you have additional Pals in your party that can stay out using their Pal Skills, such as Daedream, you can let them out of their Spheres and add up to five more workers while you and your Pals are at that base.

As for the Pals who aren’t in your party or at work, you can store them in your Palbox. The total number of Pals you can store in your Palbox is 480, synced across all of the Palboxes you have. In other words, even if you have three Palboxes, you can still only store 480 Pals because the storage syncs.

Add in those working on bases and in your party at any given time, and you can have about 530 Pals at once before you’ll need to release or butcher some of them to make room for more.

Can You Move Your Base in Palworld?

Disassemble Palbox Palworld
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So, what if you don’t like where your base is located but aren’t anywhere near ready to unlock a second base? Do not worry; you can move your current base in Palworld.

To do this, head to the map and locate your base. Hover over the castle icon, and you’ll see a prompt to “Disassemble Palbox.”

When you do this, your base will be removed. You’ll get the materials used to create your Palbox back, and many of your camping structures will be destroyed and returned to you as materials as well. Your Pals will go back to the box, and you’ll be ready to find a new spot for your base.

To build your new base, simply go into build mode and place a new Palbox. Then, you can get to work rebuilding the structures you and your Pals need to stay safe and productive.