Do Pals Evolve in Palworld? How to Power Up Pals Explained

Many elements of Palworld are familiar to creature catching fans, which has us asking whether Pals can evolve

Do Pals Evolve in Palworld

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Players in Palworld get to collect and train various Pals as they explore and try to survive its expansive world. Though Pals can level up as they gain experience, fans are curious to know if Pals evolve like Pokemon and Digimon before them.

Leveling up your Pals is part of the game in Palworld, as you make them stronger in battle and in their work at your base. But do those cute critters ever get bigger? We’re breaking down what we know about powering up your Pals.

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Do Pals Evolve in Palworld?

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The Pals in Palworld do not evolve as they level up. While there are some Pals roaming around that look an awful lot like evolved versions of other Pals, such as Sweepa and Swee, you can’t level up a Swee into a Sweepa but will need to catch both separately.

That means your cute little critters stay their tiny, squishable selves even as they level up and gain more powers. If you always get a little sad to see the smol creatures in other games grow unrecognizable, this may well be a plus for the game.

Even though Pals don’t evolve, there are many ways to make them more powerful as you progress through the game and take on more challenging opponents.

Leveling Up to Make Your Pals Stronger in Palworld

Pal Levels in Palworld
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The Pals in your party and on your base gain experience as you do, so the quickest way to make them more powerful is to gain more experience. There are many ways to get experience in Palworld, including battling and catching Pals in the wild, taking on boss fights, and even collecting materials.

As your Pals level up, they will become more powerful and gain more health, making them more effective in combat. They will also unlock new attacks which you can swap out by visiting that Pal’s summary information. Each Pal can equip only two types of attacks at once, so be sure you’re checking for the most useful attacks as you level up your Pals.

Using Partner Abilities to Make Your Pals Stronger In Palworld

Palworld Pal Skills
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There’s another way to get the most use out of your Pals: partner skills. Each Pal has a partner skill they can use out in the world, and these capabilities can be incredibly helpful at your Base, out in the world, or in combat. To learn your Pal’s partner ability, check their info at your Pal Box. This will tell you what the partner ability is so you can best make use of it.

Some Pals, like Rushroar, can function as a mount, while others can stay near you in battle, be equipped with a gun, or be used as a glider. For many Pals, you need to craft a specific item on the Pal Gear Workbench, such as special gripping gloves or a saddle, to make use of these skills. It’s worth keeping an eye on your available technology and craftable items on the Pal Gear Workbench to make sure you’re getting the most out of what each Pal can do.

Using the Distillation Pod to Make Your Pals Stronger in Palworld

Pal Distillation Pod Palworld
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In addition to the regular tech you’ll unlock along the way, there’s a piece of Ancient Technology that will help you strengthen your Pals even more. This ancient tech is called the Pal Distillation Pod, and it’s generally something you won’t unlock until later in the game since Ancient Tech Points are hard to come by. You can get the Pal Distillation pod by using 2 Ancient Technology Points, once you reach Level 14.

The Pal Distillation Pod lets you sacrifice Pals of the same species in order to power up a Pal, increasing that Pal’s rank. So, if you keep catching the same creatures for experience, keep in mind you’ll be able to use them to strengthen up your Pals once you unlock this morally questionable item.

Between leveling up, increasing rank, and making use of partner skills, there’s plenty of ways to power up your pals without evolution coming into the mix.