How to Farm Crops in LotR: Return to Moria

Players increase their food supplies and expand their camps with farming the mechanics found in LotR: Return to Moria.

LotR: Return to Moria planting box

Screenshot by Gamepur

One thing that most people do not associate Dwarves with is farming. However, LotR: Return to Moria has broken that stereotype by providing multiple ways to farm for food and healing ingredients.

LotR: Return to Moria has many tasks a player must do to survive. Mining, settling camps, crafting tools and weapons, and fighting off enemies are all survival requirements you will face in the game. However, part of survival is making sure your Dwarf is well fed and healed. To ensure every player is up to the task of saving Moria, growing food is a must.

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Making Farming Patches and Boxes in LotR Return to Moria

LotR: Return to Moria building plans
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While players are exploring the depths of Moria, they will come upon an area that has more vegetation. In this area, farming boxes can be located. Interacting with one of these boxes will allow you to learn the farming box recipe. Players will need 10x Ihraz Granite and 6x Bat Droppings to build it. Ihraz Granite can be found in the Lower Depths while bat droppings will spawn after killing attacking bats.

Farming patches in Return to Moria are more easily found, as they appear in randomized locations throughout the world. Interacting with them will allow you to learn the Farming Patch recipe. To make a farming patch, the player will need 3x Ihraz Granite and 2X bat droppings. Both the farming patch and box can be located in the building menu under Essentials and Crafting.

The Mechanics to Grow Crops in LotR: Return to Moria

LotR: Return to Moria planting mushrooms
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Once a farming box or patch has been built in Return to Moria, players will have the option to plant an already gathered item from the inventory. This will establish what will continually grow in the designated spot. Some crops are found fully grown while others can only be found as seeds.

Players will then have to play the waiting game as the crop grows. One planted item will yield 4x that item. Players can uproot what has been planted, but that will destroy the growing crop and initiate a window of time where nothing can be planted in that location.

Light and dark areas also play a part in farming. Some items, like cabbage, must have sunlight in order to grow while others, like mushrooms, must grow in the dark. Items will not grow if they are planted in the wrong locations. Light from torches does not seem to effect the growing process.

Mass producing food become effortless as players expand their farming system at their LotR: Return to Moria camps. Maybe breaking this dwarven stereotype isn’t such a bad idea.