How to farm Eagle Eggs in Nier: Replicant

The ever-elusive egg.

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The world of Nier: Replicant is filled with rare and exotic resources that are hard to obtain. Eagle Egg is one such resource that is very coveted since it spawns in only one location on the entire map. Not only is it required to upgrade a few of the weapons in the game but also for completing a quest assigned by Tavern Keeper.

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Where to find Eagle Eggs in Nier: Replicant

Screenshot by Gamepur

Upon taking the “The Tavern Keeper’s Grandmother” quest from the Tavern Keeper, you’ll be asked to collect Eagle Eggs from Aerie. You might think this is a straightforward job, but it involves RNG, and finding Eagle Eggs is not guaranteed.

Once you reach Aerie, save the game at the save box before you proceed further, and do not skip this step since you’ll likely need to load the game again and again. After saving the game, walk straight on the wooden bridge and look to the right toward the chief’s house. Just in front of the chief’s house, there is a chance Eagle Egg spawns as rare loot. However, this is not guaranteed, and you might find no loot. Hence, you need to keep reloading the game from the Aerie save box until you see a glow in front of the chief’s house, indicating there is loot.

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Once you see a glow in front of the chief’s house, go to that location to pick up the loot. However, it’s worth noting that the loot spawned is not guaranteed to be Eagle Egg, as you can also get Gold ore, Silver ore, Bronze ore, or Moldavite. Hence, like before, you need to keep reloading the game until you come across Eagle Egg.