How to farm Glacial Starwort in Destiny 2

Dr. Greenthumb.

Image via Bungie

Glacial Starwort is a planetary resource in Destiny 2 that you can only get on the Europa. You need Glacial Starwort to purchase certain items from Vendors.

In this guide, we will show you some useful hints and tips when it comes to tracking them down quickly, so you can maximize your time on Europa.

Make sure you use your Ghost

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If you Masterwork your Ghost Shell you will be able to put a couple of useful mods on it that will help you track down the resources you need. First, you can put on mods that will automatically detect a resource node or chests. You can only equip one at a time, however.

Resource nodes will be marked by a triangular icon, and you can pick various ranges with a different mod capacity cost. They go all the way up to 75 meters. Another useful tip is that this extends from your vision range, not your character model, so if you are looking through a sniper scope, it will extend the range.

The chests will be marked by the icon by a small chest icon. These are actually a better source than the resource nodes, as they will yield two Spinmetal per chest, while nodes will give you one. You can put a mod on your Ghost the can give you extra resources, bringing it up to two, but this will only happen sometimes. There are also two Combo mods, that will show both chests and resources, but at lower ranges.

If you have a friend you are playing with, it’s a good idea to each use one of the mods at the longest range to make life easier.

Europa Bounties

Doing Europa Bounties for Variks will also get you some Spinmetal Leaves when you complete them, along with some XP to level up your character, Season Pass, or Artifact.

Random Chests and World Chests

Chests from Public Events, powerful enemies, or mini-events that you can find in some map areas may also give you planetary resources. If you see a chest, open it. World Chests are more limited and are marked on the map by a cross with a dot in the middle. Opening them will get you resources, but the chest will disappear afterward.


Finishing a Patrol will also reward you with some planetary resources. The best way to do is simply combine doing patrols with the other methods of farming. Grab some bounties, put on your mods to find the chests and resource nodes, then double and triple up on your You should rapidly build up a stock of Spinmetal in no time.