How to farm Recon Data in Destiny 2

Earn Season of the Hunt equipment.

Destiny 2

You’ll need to acquire Recond Data for those who want to impress Crow and earn his reputation in Destiny 2. It’s a new form of resource you can farm in the game, and you can bring it back to Crow on the Tangled Shore, next to the Spider, to receive Season of the Hunt gear items.

Where to farm Recon Data

These will be a reward you get for completing Wrathborn Hunts, which have everything to do with the Season of the Hunt. To participate in these hunts, you need to charge up your new item, the Cryptolith Lure. You’ll receive this from the Spider after you start the new season. Obtaining the lure starts the first Season of the Hunt quest, where you need to add what you plan to hunt and additional modifications for rewards.

The more Cryptolith Lure charges you earn, the more Wrathborn Hunts you can participate in. To earn charges, you need to participate in Crucible or Gambit matches or go on Strikes. You can earn additional charges by completing strikes by taking down challenging foes or landing precision final attacks against enemies.

For those who have the premium season pass for the Season of the Hunt, at season ranks 32, 52, 72, and 92, you’ll receive a boost for how much Recon Data you receive as a reward for completing those hunts when you reach those milestones. You’ll also be able to increase the amount of Recon Data you unlocking Cryptolith Lure upgrades through the Crow.

The more Recon Data you obtain, the more you can turn provide the Crow to earn Season of the Hunt weapons and gear. Make sure to visit the Crow at the spider to turn these in to them.