How to fast travel in Forspoken

The easiest method of travel.

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Fast Travel has become second nature in video games, with almost all having some form of a fast travel system. Forspoken is another one of those games that allows you to teleport around the map. This is a great feature since the map is quite large, and it would take you a long time to traverse otherwise. Of course, fast travel isn’t something that you have access to right away, it needs to be unlocked first. This guide will show you how to fast travel in Forspoken.

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How fast travel works in Forspoken

Before you can fast travel in Forspoken, you need to unlock it. Like in other open-world games, Forspoken has multiple fast travel points that you need to unlock before you can start fast traveling around the map. Luckily, one of these is automatically unlocked for you as part of the story.

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Early in the game, you will be introduced to buildings called Refuges. These buildings look like inns and are great places to stop if you need rest or healing. These buildings are also needed for fast travel. The first of these buildings you come across won’t be able to be used for fast travel. Once you leave the first city, you can start discovering Refuges across Athia that you can use for fast travel.

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Once you have discovered a Refuge, it will appear on the map. Access the map and highlight a Refuge, and you will see the option to fast travel to it. Press the button that appears on the screen to fast travel. Those playing on PlayStation 5 can initiate fast travel by pressing the square button. You can also fast travel to major cities like Cipal. Only some locations can be fast-traveled to at any time. During certain parts of the story, areas will become locked, and the fast travel option will be unavailable. Fast travel is also unavailable if you are in combat.