How to fast travel in Harvestella

The fastest means of travel is teleportation.

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As you progress through Harvestella, you will collect various ingredients, take on difficult enemies, and explore the beautiful world around you. During your adventures, you will undoubtedly reach that time when you need to return home and take a long rest to prepare yourself for another day of exploration. While you could run your way home, this is time-consuming. That is where fast travel comes in. This guide will show you how to fast travel in Harvestella.

How fast travel works in Harvestella

Like most games nowadays, Harvestella features a fast travel system that you can use to traverse maps and return home with the press of a button. Unfortunately, this feature isn’t available right away and requires you to progress through the game for a little while before you can access it. Specifically, you will need to access the first dungeon; Higan Canyon.

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You won’t be able to access Higan Canyon until around day three of the game. During this time, Aria will run off and you will need to track her down. You will now have access to Higan Canyon which is to the north of Lethe. Early in the area, you will meet Dianthus. After progressing through the dungeon, Dianthus will stop and show you an artifact called a Motus Monolite.

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Motus Monolites can be used for fast travel by simply interacting with them. Whenever you interact with a Motus Monolite, it will give you the option to fast travel to any other Monolite that you have activated within the same location. For instance, interacting with a Monolite in Higan Canyon will bring up others in the same dungeon for you to teleport to. You will also have the option to return home as well.