Motus Monolites in Harvestella explained, and how to use them

Get a bit more player agency with these crystals.

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As players wander the lands in Harvestella, strange orb-like crystals will be spotted throughout all of the maps. Their presence and specific placement imply a function for players, but figuring out the use for these crystals isn’t immediately apparent. These crystals are called Motus Monolights, and they’ll become an important game mechanic as players scurry about to complete tasks before the end of the day — here’s how to use them.

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Unlocking Motus Monolites in Harvestella

Players will unlock the ability to interact with these unique crystals near the middle of the second chapter of the game, titled Omen. After rescuing an unmissable NPC, this character will teach players how to interact with these crystals. If players are pushing the main campaign, this will take place roughly three hours into the game, within the vista of Higan Canyon. No consumables are necessary to interact with these crystals.

What do Motus Monolites do in Harvestella?

These crystals will become a core of exploration within Harvestella. They allow players to manually save, rather than relying entirely on the auto-saves which take place every night upon sleeping. But they can also offer a limited means of teleportation. Each crystal, or Motus, is interconnected to all crystals within that region. All Motus remain unlocked after leaving the area, which makes it worthwhile to take a few extra minutes and ensure you have all of them unlocked in each visited region.

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If players are within Higan Canyon, they can use the crystals to instantly teleport through the labyrinthian vista, saving time and valuable stamina. Players can only teleport to crystals that they’ve interacted with after the functionality is unlocked, however, so a bit of backtracking will be necessary. A unique mechanic with teleportation is that players can teleport home from any unlocked crystal, changing the Return Bell from a necessary item to an occasional use.