How to fertilize fields in Farming Simulator 22

Help them grow big and strong.


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Once you’ve harvested a field and prepped it for the next season by cultivating it and sewing your seeds, it feels like you should be able to sit back, relax, and watch your profits grow before your eyes. However, crops need more than a watchful eye. They need to be tended to and fed with nutrients. This guide explains how to fertilize a field in Farming Simulator 22, so you can keep your crops growing big and strong.

Step 1: Get a sprayer and some fertilizer

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You’ll need a specific piece of equipment to fertilize a field called a sprayer. You can buy these from the in-game store or rent them for a single job if you’re tackling a contract. The sprayer hooks up to a tractor, so you’ll need a tractor weight on the front to balance things out and ensure you can drag the sprayer to the field where it’s needed.

However, attaching the sprayer to the tractor is only half the job. First, you need to buy fertilizer from the store to fill the sprayer with. There are various types of fertilizer that you can put in your sprayer, such as solid, liquid, and manure. When you’ve purchased fertilizer, it will be dropped off at the store, and you’ll need to drag the sprayer along to pick it up.

Step 2: Fill the sprayer

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While you can pack a few boxes of fertilizer onto a trailer and take it back to your farm, it’s much easier to take your sprayer to the store and line it up with the boxes in the car park. The sprayer should automatically open as you approach. Once it has opened, you can use some new control options to fill the sprayer. Wait until the sprayer is full, then drive out to your chosen field.

Step 3: Spray the field

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The final step in this process is to lower the sprayer and turn it on. This will cause the sprayer to start spreading fertilizer all around it. Drive the sprayer around the field until it’s been completely fertilized.