How to start pig farming in Farming Simulator 22

Start earning some meaty money.


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In Farming Simulator 22, you can farm pretty much anything. If you’ve heard of a farmer doing it in real life, it’s almost certainly in the game, including beekeeping. While you’ll make some cash tending to crops in the fields, everyone knows that the big money is in livestock. This guide covers how to start pig farming in the game so that you can build up some serious funds fast.

Step 1: Buy an enclosure

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First, you need to buy a pig enclosure. You can find them in the menu by navigating to the three lines icon and opening the construction menu. Move over to the animals section, and then the pigs sub-section within it. Here, you have three options for a pig enclosure. The pig pasture is the cheapest and doesn’t require hay, but you need to fill up water manually. The large buildings require hay, but the pigs get water automatically. Decide which one you want, and place it.

Step 2: Buy the pigs

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Walk up to the pawprint icon near your enclosure to open the pig menu. From here, you can choose which breed of pig you’d like to buy and how many. The ultimate goal with pigs is to get them to breed so that you can sell them, so leave some space for numbers to grow.

Step 3: Care for the pigs

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Unlike other livestock¬†such as chickens, pigs have some specific requirements. You need to keep their water levels up, which is easy if your enclosure provides it automatically. If it doesn’t, use an Aquatrans 7300 S to transport it to the correct point at the enclosure. You’ll notice that pigs have four separate requirements for base food, grain, protein, and root crops in terms of food. You can fulfill all of these needs in one visit using pig feed, but it’s expensive. To keep costs down, use the following.¬†

  • Base food: Corn/Sorghum
  • Grain: What/Barley
  • Protein: Soybeans/Canola
  • Root crops: Potatoes/Sugar Beet

Once your pigs have everything they need, they’ll start to reproduce. The money in pigs comes from selling the ones you don’t need. To do this, use an animal transport to take them to the animal dealer and sell them to whoever needs them.