Krone brand farm equipment comes to Farming Simulator 22 in latest update

Several new machines have been added to the game.


Image via Giants Software’s YouTube

Giants Software has announced another update for Farming Simulator 22. This one brings an additional brand to the game alongside a plethora of equipment to experiment with on your own digital farms. Players will get access to new tools from Krone, a German company that’s been making farming easier for more than one hundred years.

Among the new Krone equipment, the update adds to the game the 1290 HDP VC and the GX 520 Trailer. The update is free for all players and adds machines that will make many of the jobs you do each day much easier. Whether it’s baling, harvesting, cutting grass for silage, or transporting that grass to sell it, Krone’s equipment makes it happen faster and more efficiently.

Of course, this update might be free, but the equipment isn’t. You’ll need to purchase the new Krone machines from the store in-game before you can use them. The prices are about what you’ve been paying for similar machines in the game so far, but Krone is a brand that’s well known and provides many more benefits than its counterparts. You may want to switch to Krone to make your life easier in the long run. The brand works best on European maps since it’s produced in Germany and may cause havoc if you try to use it on a US map or with equipment from the US.