How to find a settlement on your homeworld in No Man’s Sky

Get a settlement on your ideal world.


Screenshot by Gamepur

Settlements are small towns you can find on any planet in No Man’s Sky with enough perseverance. However, if you’ve been playing for a while, you’ll probably want a settlement on the perfect world that you’ve been hanging out on for the last few in-game days. This guide explains how to get a settlement on your homeworld of choice.

Step 1: Buy some settlement maps

To find a settlement on your homeworld, you need some settlement maps. You can purchase these from the cartographer at the Anomaly or in any space station. They cost a bit more than standard maps, but it’s worth the investment if you want a settlement on the world you think is the best.

Step 2: Go to your homeworld

The next thing to do is visit your homeworld. If you’ve got a base there, then that’s the perfect place to head to. If not, land anywhere on the world. At this point, it’s wise to make a separate save file of your progress so far. This is a precautionary measure to protect you and give you another chance if a settlement map fails. They cost so much that it’s worth doing this.

Step 3: Use your settlement map

The final thing to do is to use your settlement map. As long as the map doesn’t fail, you’ll likely be given the location of a settlement that’s on the same world as you. However, sometimes the maps will give you a location that’s off-world. If that happens, reload your save file or use another map until you get a settlement location on your homeworld. From here, you can become the overseer and start managing the settlement on the most perfect world you’ve found so far.